Personal info about every Lulzsec member released except for two

Internet hacker group The A Team hacks the fuck out of Lulzsec, releases dox info on most of Lulzsec.

What’s funny to us is that these kids are all “Anti-Sec” yet by releasing their hacks they are forcing these
companies to have to hire security professionals which keeps the Security Industry that they are trying to
expose and shut down, in business. I guess they will realise that later in life when they get out of skid

So we’ve been tracking and infiltrating these kids since the gawker hack. We have the D0x (as they call it)
on everyone except Sabu and Kayla. First we’ll go with the kid who did the gawker hack: Uncommon.

Examples of the doxing info includes:

Now let’s look at EE or EEKDACAT:

How to find EEKDACAT:

EE Uses those Busy Box Bounces that were dropped in the lulzsec/gn0sis private channel logs (which were leaked).

bounce: ( Hacked Busy Box IP (from Nigg).

We back hacked him all the way back to his Home IP in Sartoga NY.

originating ip: (saratoga ny)

Now this kid actually hacks stuff. He goes around and does his little google query hacking thing. Fing’s his SQLinjections
He then goes and downloads the databases. This is the kid who helped Uncommon with the attack on Gawker.

Here is a big log of all the things he’s hacked and is hacking. Along with proof that he was using a stolen router (which we back hacked him from).

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